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how to create in free-website.

Free Website Builder

how to create in free-website

free Website Builde

I hope there are a lot better. This is my first post made free web site. If you make any mistakes, then forgive me.

Today I got a free web site tutorial that I hope you can learn 100%. Web site is the most discussed and beautiful online bus nice of the current period. Through this, anyone can earn a little by trying hard. Let’s go to work without hurting the hair.

Today we will see how a free web site can be built and can be earned from it. You have a web site, please visit If I try, do not take a clear domain on my site like www. can take you to.

You can take many such clean domains. This is a main route folder and clean domain is a clean folder. I have a main server where I want to get it, I’ll be able to do so. And I will take these folders to a clean domain. In fact, those who do not know about domain and handicapping, they will suffer a little. But there are many companies on this clean domain that will give us a free domain and this free domain has the best and there is also word press .com, The domain that Google has to create a web site and is, you can not apply to Google  ad senc from any other clean domain you have. You can apply Google Absence only through There are many other benefits such as Google Carol that will bring your blog in front of you and if you are a site other CMS it will take a long time to bring it to Google. As we do a free web site and earn, we will start with And before creating a web site, you have to keep some things in mind that it is a free web site that will make you decide on what to make it. And you have to work on it. Suppose you create a free web site with the program, then you have to work with the program. If you want to create a free web site with a song, then you have to work on the song. If you want to make a free web site with a cook, you have to work with a cook. The real thing is that if you have to work on one of the issues then you’ll be sucses. And if you want to work on all issues you can not succeed.

Dear friends, Tutorial is very long, I will try to keep the rest in the next phase. Allah Hafiz will be good.

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