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For the delicious melodious color and sweet sweet taste of watermelon, everyone loves to eat watermelon. The increase in the amount of watermelon increases as the temperature increases.

Dr. Bharti, a doctor of Ayurveda Research and Health Center in Dhaka, said that there is more than 90 percent water in watermelon, which mainly reduces the dehydration of the body and skin. Apart from this, ammonoscopy of watermelon helps to increase the skin’s collagen content. At the same time it contains anti-oxidants, vitamins A, B and C. These ingredients help in eliminating the dryness of the skin as well as the bleeding.

     Removes the dehydration

There is plenty of water in watermelon. During the summer, when water comes out of sweat through sweat, drinking watermelon removes the body’s dehydration. As a result, the body is healthy and refreshing.

      Brightness of the skin:


As a result of watermelon feed it increases the skin’s brightness and helps to increase the skin muscles. Watermelon juice helps in extracting the skin. It reduces the amount of fluid content to reduce the tissue, and it is very useful for bronzo and helps in the treatment of mud that is mixed with bananas. This pudding helps keep the skin right and keeps it healthy. It is an oil moisturizer which helps keep the skin moist.

 The skin refreshing

Hormone spray Ayurvedic form specialist Rahima Sultana Rita said that melon can be used in any problem of skin. Blackheads, rashes, burns or acne problems arise during this summer. To solve these problems, melon masks, ice cubes of watermelon juice are quite useful. Meanwhile, the beautician of Bendia Exclusive Beauty Care, Sharmin Kalki, told about various uses of watermelon skin care. He said, ‘Watermelon is a fruit that you can use in every part of your skin.’

                Sapphire seeds in acne problems.

Boil cleaned watermelon seeds in water. When the seeds become soft, paste it on the acne. After drying three to five minutes, gently brush the egg white parts on it. After 10 minutes wash with clean water. It is very useful for oily skin.

 As a clinker

The sun is so intense, it is necessary to work outdoors. Along with that there is dust. Rash, Acne Problems on the skin. The problem of rash and acne on oily skin is more visible. You can also use watermelon for that. Watermelon and lemon juice mixed together can also be used as clencers. Massage the mixture on the skin for at least three days a week. After 10 minutes wash with cold water. Even those whose skin is dry, they can also use watermelon, ripe banana, milk pack. Use the pack for three to four days a week.

The Best Me How To Remove Watermelon Stains

Watermelon acid, which contains watermelon juice, helps to remove the skin stains. Mixing flour and watermelon mixed with the face helps keep the skin clean, and after 15 minutes of planting it will be washed with water. As a result, it helps to remove larger cells and does not let the pressure of the agonists rise. And the skin shows brightness and youth.

The cold watermelon fragments can be used to get a bright skin. Watermelon and cold leaves should be drowned in ice and then it must be melted all over. It helps to see the skin fresh.

Melamine watermelon juice can be used to get the bright face, which helps to put on the face and neck. It must be removed 10 minutes after planting. And then wash the face with hot water. Watermelon Antioxidants that help to prevent radical damage, which can remove the pressure of the pancreas and the pressure of the aggregate. Make a mixture made from watermelon juice and avocado, put it on the face and apply it for 20 minutes and then wash it with hot water. It is very beneficial, which helps prevent aging.

Skin tension and we can remove only the tension in the tension using the cotton pad. Bliss and groceries can help the skin and can help with skin tension

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