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I Phone. The reasons why the iPhone Superior: I Phone Design Take a look, what are the components inside the iPhone.





IPhone: A modern Internet and multimedia connected smartphone manufactured by Apple Inc.

Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs is the first IPhone … currently (watched: 2011) iPhone 5’s Generation is available in the iPhone 4S market, which will be released on October 4, 2011.The iPhone introduced the world to some technology, which nobody has ever seen or heard. Did not hear App’s triumph in today’s world Apple’s app store is now with Google’s App Store, even Windows, which introduces the app to us with the first.

The reasons why the iPhone Superior:

In fact, Apple is not a ‘phone manufacturing company’. Like Nokia or Motorola. But in the past nearly a decade, we have seen that all the world’s Bagha Bagha companies have given a huge margin to Apple. Apple Incorporated has already made about 70 million pieces of Ardor for iPhone 6. Inkorporated. Think, 7 million! It’s just Prioradar The number is incredible !! In 1971, the whole Bangladesh population was 7 million And record it in the history of the world! No other mobile phone company in the world had received so much phone pre-orders before they came to the market. The iPhone’s original circuit board has been made to save space. Its microscopic logic board is incredibly efficient. Connector and Component density are unprecedented. Safe layout used for dual rear camera.

IPhone Design


Exquisite Design: Everyone knows that the main reason Apple is in today’s position is because of its design. Even Apple’s hardware designs, even Apple’s operating system mate, will be available, modern, intelligent, versatile, and intelligent design and graphic interface will fascinate any tepe rea people.

In this context, a famous quote from Apple entrepreneur Steve Jobs is: “Everybody thinks that the design is really how it looks, but if you think deeper, you’ll realize that the design is really how it works!”



Security: Apple’s device is not infected with viruses. Hackers hacked the hackers. [IPhone Jelly Becking is a kind of hacking. That means the iPhone is not meant to be used or not, or it is illegal to use it, that’s the name of Jailbreaking being done by force for iPhone. There are many limitations and problems of jailbreaking, such as OS updates, it is difficult for many times, and the help of trucking services like Icloud can not be taken. If you lose iPhone  jail breaking, you will not be able to find it from GoogleMap, but you will not be able to reset the factory. And if that is not done, you can find your lost iPhone zero. Give Google a good look at the Icould feature for more details. That’s why I do not like jailbreak. I think one is very unnecessary. I will never jailbreak my iPhone if I am not forced to do it.

Take a look, what are the components inside the iPhone

  1. Logic board bracket
  2. Front casing and screen
  3. Airspace speaker
  4. Dual Battery
  5. First Logic Board Level
  6. Logic board level in seconds
  7. Logic Board Chip Cover
  8. Tactical engine
  9. Rear Facing Camera
  10. Trude adow camera array
  11. Component connector
  12. Rear Camera Bracket
  13. Component connector
  14. Lower speaker enclosure
  15. Wireless Charging Coil
  16. Top Sketch Assemblies
  17. Lighting Connector
  18. Rear casing glass
  19. SIM tray.

Let’s not watch at a glance at the different models of the iPhone.

Apple iphone 5 – plus 55,500

Apple iPhone 4S – Plus 48,000

Apple iPhone 4 – Bad 39,000

Apple iPhone 3 Goss – 27,000

Apple iPhone 3C – 21,000

                 Professional and multidimensional work

Professionals and multidimensional work: You can use iPhone, iPhone app and some valuable hardware

By doing daily, you can do professional work well. Professionals like doctors, engineers, photographers, musicians, teachers, scientists, etc. are successfully using iPhone and iPad in various aspects of their work. Those who are interested in the information about this are the videos on Apple’s official web site, take a little time to see them. It does not take too much net. I can say that after watching the videos, your ideas about iPhone’s utility will be much better. And you’ll be surprised. Even the number of apps used in the video is listed on the web site so that interested people can be downloaded and used. Most apps are free.

Dear friends, Tutorial is too long, I will try to keep the rest in the next phase. Alla Hafiz will be good.

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