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Assalamualaikum … how are u all?

 I hope there are a lot better. This is my first post. If you make any mistakes, then forgive me.

Today I got you for my writing up work Bengali tutorial hope to learn 100% up work. Brother, at first, if you do not know any work, then there is no profit going up behind the work. So learn to work before and then go to work. If you do not know work, there is no value at work. So learn to work before her after-work. Freelancing is the most discussed and beautiful career of the current period. Through this, anyone can earn a little by trying hard. But know how to get work done? What is the guarantee? Do not worry, there is up work.

This post is working for everyone who is doing up work.

How to create an up work profile


There are many things to be careful about while working. In this post, we are trying to elaborate on the issues that must be kept out of the job. Your up-to-the-job promotion (except known and useful work), refrain from sharing

up work Use the e-mail ID security or refrain from using those emails for all purposes. Try using Google Mail (Gmail) as well as to use it with two-step verification.

Try not to run multiple IDs from one computer / mobile phone / tablet etc. You can wear it unnecessarily. Problems can   not be said because it is officially legitimate, but if you suspect you may have problems, if you have to use it alone, keep them informed in advance.

Two people using a PC is not illegal because it is so clever to run two IDs alone, but keep in mind that up work is being supervised by many people. When caught, all will be lost together.

How to create an up work profile

How to create an up work profile 1

To sign up first, you need to have an email account. If there is no better then you can create an email account by filling out all the information here.

Then go to work and go to the “I Need a Job” option and press the sign up button. Then fill in the empty room for all those things, and click on the “Get Started” button. Then go to your email and go to email verification. Diameter, it became an codex  freelancer account.

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