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                   html Introduction.

By greeting everyone, I’m writing about HTML now. I pray that I can finish it.

HTML is the main and only way to enter the world of web development. If you do not learn HTML, then you cannot enter the world of web developing or designing. I do not have to say how web developing or design is huge. We are almost always in a web page or not. And it has been made with HTML. The web is increasing day by day, we are not able to see how much tux is growing. If you learn HTML, you can easily create a web site for yourself and your client, HTML is very easy, you do not have to worry too much. I’ll try to slow down all of the HTML. Together with HTML I will be able to discuss and discuss HTML5. Because of the new wave of HTML5 web applications. HTML is used to create web sites. If you know HTML, you can easily create a web site for anyone who knows your web site or client web site. However, with the help of HTML, for example, CSS, JavaScript etc., to create a modern web site. But before learning them they need HTML’s knowledge. So if someone wants to build their own career as a web developer / web programmer, or wants to know web development at the time of sobbing, first of all need to know the knowledge of HTML.

Let’s know about the HTML key and some of the information needed.

HTML: HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. This is not a programming language, a Markup Language. And HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. HTML5 has many new features, new features HTML5 is the new standard of HTML, XHTML, and HTML DOM.

We already know that HTML is a markup language. Now let us know what a markup language is.

Markup Language is the sum of the Markup Tag. Markup Language is made up of the number of Markup tags.

Now again, what is the markup tag, is not it?

Markup Tag is a code that is contained within <and> (curved bracket). On this way, Markup Tag is used. Markup Tag is called HTML Tag and HTML creates a web page using Markup Tag.

                            It has the following features.

The HTML tag is the key word in the Bucket Bracket (<and>). Enter a heading in your web site.

                          What will you do?

html tags

You will publish by doing the heading to <h1>. For example, <h1> my love is Bangladesh</ h1> will show you exactly this way. For typing the heading you start <h1> to <h6> prince. Such as <h1></ h1>, <h3></ h2>, <h3></ h3>, <h4></ h4>, <h5></ h5>, <h6><h6>. If you want to publish a paragraph or article, you must publish it by <p> tag such as <p>this is a paragraph. </ p> etc. If you have any paragraph. If you want to thicken the line, you should publish <b> tag such as <b> thins is bold </ b>.

The first is called the start tag and the last is called end tag. But there is no End tag with the Start tag only on HTML5. There is no problem using it.

 (ie where to enter HTML code)

Notepad. Open Notepad. Since you can start with the new notepad and switch to any other advanced editor like “Notepad ++”, the default notepad by Windows will not give any fun or benefit to the code. However, there is a light notepad like this, the name “Notepad ++” will get a lot of benefits here and it.

can be used to write professional code without doubt.

Actually I’ll write an article about HTML5 in this series. Before you give me some ideas about HTML Learned programming language is not taught in Varsity and these web programming is not taught. They themselves have to learn. Those who are interested, they learn from different web sites. Most of which are English. So all of my students and students of this series computer science will come to work.

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