Java Introduction



Java has entered the third decade. This programming language is very popular in the last 22 years, continuously improving, expanding and popularizing its journey in 1995. In addition to leading the interactive Internet, Java has also been challenged by other Internet programming languages.

It has created competition among internet programming languages; As a result, each language has been incorporated into compilers in different languages, libraries, frameworks etc. Java has also led the development of engineering-friendly technology over the past two decades, so developers of Java’s first preferred language to create web programming or web applications today.

C, C ++, Java. Which language and how many languages?

You can tell the story …

You know how to listen after some talk will attract the audience-reader. When do you have to twist the story? You can control the rise or fall of the story technically. The reader will ever fall into extreme tension, “What is it, what is it?” Once again, the love story of your storytelling laughs and the hypocritical reads the reader’s book will be zero-zero. Well … is this story telling or writing a story that depends much more on a specific language? If you know how to write well in Bengali, then you can write the same thought in English too. For this reason, some English speakers and grammar will have to know. But if you do not write well in Bengali, then will English give you any special advantage as the international language? Typically writing is the beginning but everyone in the mother tongue

Programming Language


Some people sometimes ask me such questions, brothers, what programming languages do you use? Or some language work? One of the reasons for such a question is that what programming language should I learn from the guidance from me? So writing a detailed answer.

Concept about Java programming language

The most popular programming language is Java Programming. This is a complete Object Oriented Programming Language. One of the main reasons for its popularity is Portability or Portability, which means that the same code works on any platform. Java is used to create an enterprise-level software. Java programming language is also used to create an Android app. There are many articles and tutorials on Java. Here are all the articles and tutorial lists available so that all the text can be found to find the necessary ones. Excellent IDE for Java programming is IntelliJ IDEA. Although Eclipse IDE has been used to write some of the following, you can use IntelliJ IDEA if you want.

  • Java runs on more than 30 million devices.
  • 2) Underwired Java Superted in the current most popular mobile platform.
  • 3) Being a Corsus platform, you can write a Java code on any platform.
  • There are more such reasons that I can not finish.
  • Let’s not know what to do on your computer before starting Java. First of all, the Java Development Kit. It will be useful for making Java platforms on your computer. Go to this link to get the Java Development Kit.

From there, download the JAVA SE according to your system requirements. You can learn a lot by looking at our post tutorials well. Dear friends, Tutorial is very long, I will try to keep the rest in the next phase.

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