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I am actually going to fix the things that are available in the house, such as: charge lights, tube lights, energy valves, fans, ups etc. All the things that are seen in a lot of time are lost after a few days It happens He will appear with all the posts that can be done by Gulu. Very soon If you get the response

So let’s teach you from the very beginning

Phoenician (1) House Wiring

                                                                              ★What is the electricity?

What is the electricity

Answer: Electricity is a kind of energy that cannot be seen in the eyes but can be felt. The power that creates electricity due to electron flow through the circulation is called electricity.

   ★ Power Type Two

(1) AC power

(2) DC power / current

  ★What is AC power?

What is AC power

Answer → AC Power is an Alternating Current..

The power that is specified when the current flows

Changes in quality and direction over time with rules

It is called AC Current.

[B: It changes the direction 50 times per second. Or {50 HZ}

Its symbol = ~

                                                                                                   ★What is DC current?

Answer: The current that always flows in one direction, does not change in any direction, it is called a DC current / direct current.

This current is always like a straight line and positive and negative direction is specified. Its response = ________

Memorable points:

1.All the volumes (Rise / Drop) in a loop should be considered, no one can be omitted; 2) According to polarity, the positive and negative voltage should be identified; 3) The loop must be completed in one direction (clockwise or opposite side) starting from a point.

What are the types of house wiring and what?

Answer → two types of house wiring.

(1) Surface House Waring {External}

(2) Consolidated House Waring {Hidden}

What is Arthink? Why is it?

Answer: The mechanism for connecting a metal under the soil by an accompanying electric and electronic discharge body is called Arthink.

Let’s do your own work with your own electrolyte.

  1. Q. How many feet are tall and light in tube light?

A: Generally 4’ft 40 watt and 2’ft20 watt.

  1. Q. What is going on to burn the tube light by starter?

Yes, yes, using the push button switch or to attach it to the wire is to be isolated.

  1. Q: Both pins on the pocket socket burn in the fire but the lamp does not burn.
  2. Not getting the neutral.
  3. Turn the meter in spite of all the load at home.
  4. Wiring has got Earth somewhere.
  5. How to reduce the noise of the calling belle?

A: Using a low power lamp with a Belling Bell, use it in syrej.

  1. When light brushes break and filaments do not light out why?
  2. Filaments get oxygen as it burns.

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